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Welcome to Pepper

The Pepper Group is a global financial services business, specialising in Lending, Advisory and Asset Management Services.

Pepper is recognised as a pre-eminent special servicer of residential and consumer finance assets, including non-conforming and self-certification mortgages, and personal, auto and SME loans.

Pepper UK is ranked by Fitch Ratings as one of the highest rated independent residential mortgage Special Servicers in the UK, and the only Fitch rated Master Servicer in Europe: UK Primary (prime and sub-prime) Servicer Rating RPS2+, UK Residential Special Servicer Rating RSS2+, and UK Residential Master Servicer Rating RMS2.

Pepper Group is a diversified, independent global financial services business with specialist experience in our core disciplines of Lending, Advisory and Asset Management.

Pepper offers a full range of in-house loan origination and administration services, and real estate solutions for corporations, investors and developers.

For general enquiries call +44 (0) 333 370 5555, or further information about Pepper please send an email to