Special Servicing

Pepper has developed a strong reputation for our expertise and success in the management resolution of underperforming mortgage loans.

This reputation has been built on:

  • Superior credit performance – our case ownership model, where teams and individuals ‘own’ the results of specific cases and portfolios, has consistently delivered results
  • Highly experienced specialists – our staff combine their experience with our comprehensive training to help them build relationships with customers to negotiate optimal and sustainable loan repayment plans
  • In-house technology – we’ve developed our own in-house system to manage arrears and default through a workflow system. As it’s developed in-house we’re able to adapt it to suit our clients' needs
  • Proactive approach – we don’t just wait for customers to get in touch, we have a strategy to prepare and support customers through potential rate rises and changes in circumstances
  • Fully embedded TCF culture - we give our clients assurance that their customers will be treated with respect, dignity and empathy

These factors have all contributed to S&P Global Ratings assigning us an ‘above average’ ranking as both a primary and special servicer of residential mortgages in the UK.

Can we help?

If you think we can help you, get in touch including some details about your situation and one of the team will get back to you.

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