Client Support

We can provide clients and customers with the most integrated, modern and efficient support available in the servicing market today through our bespoke technology, robust IT infrastructures and best in class CRM systems.

Portfolio Migration

Whether you’re purchasing a loan portfolio, looking to transfer a legacy portfolio or simply need additional support to assist with your growth aspirations, we can help.

We have unrivalled experience and expertise in migrating loan portfolios onto our servicing platform in a timely manner and have successfully completed multiple loan portfolio migrations in various jurisdictions.

Working closely with the client and incumbent servicer or lender, our experience, expertise and delivery focus enables us to typically complete a full portfolio migration – including payment histories, document images and all other current and historic data and records – typically in eight to twelve weeks.

This timescale addresses any real or perceived migration risks enabling a smooth and seamless transition to the Pepper platform.

We have built our own software tools to facilitate data mapping and have successfully migrated portfolios of mortgage assets on to our servicing systems from multiple lenders, all of whom used different origination systems, and many of whom used different post completion servicing systems.

New Lender Support

If you're looking to outsource the servicing of a growing portfolio to a third party, we provide a comprehensive service to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition for both you and your customers.

Our web interface enables the transfer of any new loans to our platform in real time. Whenever a loan completes on the client's origination system, the loan can immediately and automatically be transferred to us for servicing.

The servicing of the portfolio can be carried out on a white-label basis ensuring the end customer only ever feels like they're dealing with one brand.

We look after the whole project, from the initial discovery sessions where we understand the client's product base, through to configuring the letter suite and the delivery of daily reporting feeds.

Once the loans are running on our platform we provide full access to review the portfolio remotely, with direct, and secure, access to our market leading CRM system.

Due Diligence

Either as part of a portfolio migration or independently, we can provide investors with a detailed review of the performance history of all, or a sample, of the loans. The review provides investors with insight to the borrowers’ circumstances and helps them to assess the value of the pool.

The information obtained during due diligence also forms an excellent starting point for us to develop a case management and servicing plan for the loans if the pool is acquired.


Provision of timely, accurate and comprehensive Management Information (MI) is crucial to any lender or investor.

We recognise the importance of providing a comprehensive, accessible, flexible and robust data service and have invested heavily to deliver precisely the MI required by individual clients.

We have developed a single data warehouse which provides a wide range of value adding benefits including:

  • Daily import routines to convert all required data without any manual intervention
  • Daily data feeds which enables trend analysis and snapshot reporting to be created at any point in the month
  • A warehouse that enables segmentation of its data by any variable

Can we help?

If you think we can help you, get in touch including some details about your situation and one of the team will get back to you.

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