As one of the most successful third-party servicing companies in the UK, with over £15 billion of assets under management, our experienced teams have the expertise to manage loan portfolios across a range of asset classes.

Whether it’s full end-to-end servicing through the complete lifecycle of loans or just support with one element, we can help. Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Primary Servicing
  • Special Servicing
  • Master Servicing
  • Standby Servicing
  • Asset Management

S&P Global Ratings ranks us as one of the highest rated primary and special servicers of residential mortgages in the UK.

Why Choose Pepper

Superior Credit Performance
Superior Credit Performance

Our case ownership model, where individuals ‘own’ the results of specific cases and portfolios, has consistently delivered results.

Proprietary Technology
Proprietary Technology

We’ve developed our own in-house system to manage accounts through a workflow system. As it’s developed in-house we’re able to adapt it to suit our clients' needs.

Fully Embedded TCF culture
Fully Embedded TCF culture

We give our clients assurance that their customers will be treated with respect, dignity and empathy.

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Award Winning Customer Service

Awards are the icing, but it’s the cake we’re most proud of.

"At Pepper UK we understand that the experience we deliver to customers directly influences the reputation of our clients, and so we are continually looking to drive new standards in customer service by offering bespoke services that surpass our client’s own standards in teaching its culture and values to our outsourced service team." Gerry McHugh, CEO

How Pepper can help

Primary Servicing

It is vital that the day to day maintenance and management of all loans in a portfolio is carried out efficiently in line with both agreed service levels and overall client standards and expectations. We can provide all aspects of end to end primary mortgage servicing with tailor made solutions for your requirements, including residential, buy to let, second charge and multi-currency.

Special Servicing

Pepper has developed a strong reputation for our expertise and success in the management and resolution of underperforming mortgage loans. When a loan isn’t performing as expected, it needs to be managed professionally. Pepper has teams of skilled professionals that have years of experience in handling these types of loans.

Master Servicing

As Master Servicer, we’re responsible for oversight and management of all aspects of portfolio administration where some administration and/or collections activities are carried out by another servicer. Master Servicing can include contract and service level agreement set-up and monitoring, third party business process and performance auditing and extensive reporting on performance and loan collateral.

Standby Servicing

If your existing servicing agreement is terminated at short notice we can help. We work with our clients to fully understand their needs and the risks they are seeking to manage and mitigate and then develop an individual solution to deliver the best outcome.

Case Study 1: White label servicing

A rapidly growing challenger bank was looking for a strategic partner to provide a scalable platform and deliver a white label service to their rapidly expanding customer base.

We worked closely with the Bank to understand their culture and business ethos, as well as their operational and regulatory requirements. This ensured we were able to design, build and deliver a platform and service solution to enable the Client to drive the performance and customer service expected.

The client told us afterwards:

“We weren’t looking for a rigid, out of the box proposition and Pepper were able to tailor a solution that exceeded our expectations.”

Case Study 2: Large boarding with flexible features

We boarded a significant portfolio of mature loans for customers with a range of flexible product features from two separate servicing systems. The portfolio included over 30,000 new customers with total mortgage balances outstanding of c £2.0bn and was one of the largest system migrations carried out in the market in that year.

The client told us afterwards:

“We recognised this would be a significant challenge in terms of size and complexity, but the Pepper team did an outstanding job in understanding and implementing our requirements within challenging timeframes.”

Case Study 3: Non-performing portfolio performance turnaround

In March 2015 we boarded a portfolio of c £1.0bn non-performing loans, helping the Client in their asset due diligence requirements as well as efficiently executing the portfolio migration itself as part of the overall project.

When we boarded the portfolio average monthly cash collections were 87%. However, with the application of our proven case management system, we transformed this to 107% in just over 12 months.

The client told us afterwards:

“We’ve been really impressed with how Pepper has approached customers in financial difficulty and how they have been able to rehabilitate so many complex cases.”

Can we help?

If you think we can help you, get in touch including some details about your situation and one of the team will get back to you.

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