Pepper (UK) Limited sponsor children at home hospice charity The Pepper Foundation

Posted 19-08-2019

Pepper (UK) Limited are delighted to be headline sponsors of the 2019 Pepper Show for The Pepper Foundation charity, taking place on Wednesday 16 October.

Gerry McHugh, CEO of Pepper (UK) Limited told The Pepper Foundation why Pepper UK chose to sponsor the show and what The Pepper Foundation means to them:

“Pepper (UK) Limited are delighted to be sponsoring the 31st year of The Pepper Show. Pepper UK’s employees chose to partner with The Pepper Foundation in 2015, not only because of the happy coincidence in name, but for the incredible work that the Foundation do for the local community.

“The life changing work of The Pepper Foundation has touched the hearts of all our employees, many with young families of their own.  The Pepper Foundation, and everything it stands for, speaks directly to our company’s values and ethos.  Partnering with The Pepper Foundation has had a direct impact on all of our staff. We enjoy being able to lend our support to The Pepper Foundation and will continue to raise awareness and run events within our business.

“Pepper UK is proud to continue to support The Pepper Foundation, alongside other local charities, as they continue to positively change the lives of so many families in the local community.”