Clients with poor credit rating? They could still get a mortgage

Posted 11-02-2019

Not everyone will have a perfect credit score. Some people make financial mistakes, while others are forced into credit difficulties by unexpected life events, such as the death of a loved one, divorce or redundancy.

These clients usually write off their chances of getting a mortgage but a previous financial difficulty doesn't always mean they can't get a mortgage. In fact, there are options available. There are lenders like Pepper Money, who base lending decisions on individual underwriting rather than credit scoring. Unfortunately, not everyone knows this.

That's where we come in

In this Guide to Credit Repair Mortgages by Your Mortgage in association with Pepper Money, we delve into the reasons why it's difficult to get a mortgage with high street lenders, what your clients can do to enhance their chances of getting a mortgage, and how specialist lenders could help.

If your client is worried about their chances of getting a mortgage, or if you want to reach out to new potential clients, this Guide to Credit Repair Mortgages could help, so download your free copy and spread the word.

Take a look at our criteria and see for yourself how we could help secure a mortgage for your clients with previous financial difficulties

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