How to spot whether your client is in a Debt Management Plan

Research by debt charity and Debt Management Plan (DMP) provider, StepChange, found that 1 in 100 adults in the UK contacted the organisation for help between January and December 2017.

And as personal debt in the UK increases to £1.5839 trillion by the end of April 2018, compared to £1.535 trillion during the same period in 2017[1], it suggests that there may be a further rise in the number of people in a DMP.

So what does this mean for you?

If you have a client looking to secure a mortgage who is or was in a DMP, it may not be as straightforward to find out. This is because DMP providers don’t always register the DMP on their clients’ credit file.

As a broker, it’s important to select the most appropriate mortgage for your client based on their financial situation. But how can you do this if your client has a DMP that’s not been registered?

Here are a few steps you could take to identify whether or not your client is in a DMP:

  • When looking at your client’s bank statements, see if there are any regular Direct Debits or standing orders to a DMP provider
  • If you spot a pattern of regular payments to a company you don’t recognise, a quick internet search could help find out whether it’s a DMP provider
  • Establish how long the plan has been in place and whether regular payments have successfully been made to the DMP company

Having a client who is or was in a DMP doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t get a mortgage. There are lenders that provide mortgages for those in this situation providing that regular payments have been met.

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[1] The Money Charity


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