Challenging perceptions and maximising potential

Posted 11-07-2018

The specialist mortgage market is growing. Figures from Registry Trust revealed an increase in CCJs reaching over 1.1 million in 2017[1]. That's a large proportion of your prospective client base with an interesting credit history. 

Despite this, only 23% of our completions in 2017 were for clients with CCJs. 

That's why we decided to find out our brokers' perceptions and involvement in the specialist mortgage market.

[1] Registry Trust Limited

Interesting cases, interesting findings

In the first quarter of 2018, we commissioned a piece of research into the growing specialist market, including 12 in-depth broker interviews, and a larger broker survey.

Results found that:

  • On average, brokers spend under 13 hours on a specialist mortgage case, at an average fee of £748
  • It takes just over 10 hours on average for mainstream cases, at an average fee of £445 
  • This equates to average hourly earnings of £58 for specialist cases, and £44 for the mainstream 

Clare Jarvis, Acting Sales Director here at Pepper Money says:

"The message I want brokers to take away from this research is that it is getting quicker and easier to find a home for your cases that fail a standard credit score."

Download the key points of our findings, or read the full report below to discover more.




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