Adverse Credit: An Interesting Case Study

Posted 01-08-2018

Adverse credit is a fast-growing niche market and, for many customers, a credit score just doesn't tell the whole story. 

That's why we don't do it. Instead, we make lending decisions based on your clients' true circumstances.

See how we were able to do this in our case study of "The interesting case of the bankrupted recruitment consultants." 


Hi. I’m Rob Barnard, Director of Sales at Pepper Money.

Adverse credit is your fastest growing niche market and, for many customers, a credit score just doesn’t tell the whole story.

So, it’s important to work with a lender that you can trust to look beyond a credit score and make lending decisions based on your clients’ true circumstances.

At Pepper, this is what we do every day, and it’s the approach we took when we worked with a broker on the interesting case of “the bankrupted recruitment consultants”.

The clients were a married couple who ran a successful recruitment consultancy in Huddersfield. The business had grown steadily in the early years of the new millennium and so they enjoyed a prosperous lifestyle.

But the credit crunch and resultant economic downturn took its toll on their business and their personal finances. They began to fall behind with their mortgage payments and their business eventually failed, leading to them being declared bankrupt.

To resolve this, they had to sell their home to clear their debts and move into rental accommodation. After finding new jobs with good salaries they decided it was time to get back on the housing ladder.

An added complication was that, just before applying for a mortgage, they had to temporarily reduce their working hours and salary in order to care for a sick relative.

Fortunately, at Pepper, the timeframe of their bankruptcy met our criteria requirements. Our skilled and mandated underwriters were also able to establish evidence that the couple’s debts had been repaid and that the salary reduction was only temporary. This meant we were able to advance the loan they needed to buy a home.

There is often an interesting story behind your client’s credit score, and at Pepper, we want to hear it.

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All our case studies are based on real cases but the names have been changed.

This case study is based on criteria in effect at the time this case was submitted and reviewed by Pepper Money. We reserve the right to change or amend our criteria at any time.

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