Helping First Time Buyers

We've all missed a credit card payment by mistake but thought nothing of it. In this case, Mr and Mrs Shaw were finding it hard to buy their first place together due to a few missed payments.


  • Mr and Mrs Shaw were first time buyers, looking to buy a £600,000 property
  • They had a 15% deposit and combined income in excess of £120,000
  • Mr Shaw had missed some payments on a credit card and a gas bill
  • All the debts had since been cleared but had left a blip on this credit rating

The detail

Mr and Mrs Shaw were first time buyers, with two children. They wanted to buy a property for £600,000 and had a 15% deposit (£90,000). Mr Shaw was an airline pilot whilst Mrs Shaw worked part time as a dentist. Their total combined income was in excess of £120,000.

Mr Shaw had previously had a mortgage for a couple of years. Since being married, the Shaws had been living in rented accommodation in London.

Mr Shaw had experienced some blips on his credit rating. He had missed some payments on a credit card, not because of income reasons, but because he had not got around to paying his credit card at times whilst being overseas. In addition, he also had some missed payments on a gas bill which was owed when he moved out of rented accommodation. He had not been aware of the payment being due, but once he did, paid the bill in full.

We looked at the case in detail to understand the reasons behind the blips and were able to provide a mortgage so they could buy their first home together. 

Do you have a client in a similar situation?

We have a highly experienced team of underwriters that review every case – if you’ve got a case you’re unsure will fit our criteria, give us a call on 03333 701 101.


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