Case Studies

At Pepper Money, we believe in challenging the accepted. Credit scores don't tell the whole story, that's why our specialist underwriters review each case on its own merits.

The types of business we process and the types of interesting customer cases we help with broadly fall into five categories; credit blips, young credit history, self-employed, complex income and previous financial difficulties.

All our stories are based on real cases but the names have been changed.

The married couple and the unsecured debts

Previous financial difficulties

Married couple, Gavin and Linda, lived in South West England. Over the years, the couple had built up a large amount of unsecured credit and were struggling to meet the monthly commitment on these debts. To help pay off these debts, they decided it was time to remortgage their home.

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The childminder with an adverse credit history

Previous financial difficulties

Paul and his wife, Alison, both lived and worked in Hampshire. When they decided to buy a larger home to accommodate their growing family and Alison’s developing business as a childminder, getting a mortgage wasn’t as straightforward as they hoped.

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The divorcee and the gifted deposit

Young credit history

John wanted to buy his ex-wife's share of their home. Despite having a clean credit record during the past year and sufficient income to afford mortgage repayments, he had no previous mortgage, no rental history and no deposit to offer. 

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The foreign national first-time buyers


Bartek and Julia were foreign nationals living and working in the UK. They ran a successful importing company and were looking to buy their first home. But with just one year's trading accounts and no UK credit history, not all lenders were willing to consider their application.

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The bankrupted recruitment consultants

Previous financial difficulties

Trevor and his wife, Irene, were looking to purchase a home. But following the effects of the economic downturn, they had no choice but to sell up their business to clear their debts. Despite going back to work and having sufficient income, their adverse credit record was preventing them from getting a mortgage. 

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The teacher and the lost payments

Previous financial difficulties

Jemma had been paying her mortgage since purchasing her home in 1990, but due to administrative errors she was being threatened with eviction. It was time to not only seek help, but also move her mortgage to another lender.

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The historical student credit card

Credit blips

Katie and Phil wanted to buy their first home. They had good incomes and had saved 5% deposit. Phil also received an inheritance boosting their deposit to 20%. However, Katie's missed credit card payments as a student resulted in their application being rejected by a high street lender.

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The buy to let landlord and the blip

Complex income

Tony, a business owner, wanted to remortgage his buy to let property in order to invest in additional properties. Missed payments in the past created a blip on his credit record which meant his application was not acceptable to many high street lenders.

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