For nearly four years, we've been supporting brokers in placing cases for their clients whose needs are less than straightforward. Our flexible and competitive Residential and Buy to Let products are designed specifically for those in interesting situations. 

More recently, we enhanced our criteria and product range to help you place more of those interesting cases. Check out what's new below. 

What's new?

The details


A better deal for Day Rate Contractors
  • We look at income based on the contractors' daily rate, whether they are self-employed, operate through a limited company or use an umbrella company.
  • To calculate income for Day Rate Contractors, use the lower of the two situations below:

    i. 12-month average day rate x 5 (ie. days) x 46 (ie. weeks)

    ii. Current day rate x 5 (ie. days) x 46 (ie. weeks)

    >> Find out more here


Clients in an active Debt Management Plan (DMP) or have satisfied one in the last 12 months accepted
  • If your client is in an active DMP or has satisfied one in the last 12 months - we're interested. Our DMP range is available for residential clients, with rates starting from 3.78%
  • Your client must have been in the DMP for at least 12 months and be able to provide proof of satisfactory payments from the DMP provider
  • Check out our DMP product range available now!


Zero Completion Fees

  • Zero completion fee option across all our product tiers for Residential mortgages now available
  • Residential 2 year fixed rates from 3.28%
  • Residential 5 year fixed rates from 3.73%

>> Check out our Residential range


Greater flexibility around adverse credit
  • Got a client with 2 utility, communications or mail order defaults up to £150 each? We'll ignore these on selected products*
  • Fixed Term Credit Agreement arrears from 7 months ago now accepted across the range

*On Pepper 24, 18, 12 and 6 products only. Excludes the DMP range.


Enhanced self-employed proposition
  • We'll use the latest year's net income of your self-employed clients to calculate affordability
  • We now accept additional remuneration for applicants who own 100% of the company

    This includes:
    - private health insurance, 
    - directors car allowance, 
    - use of home as an office, and
    - directors pension contributions
  • Finalised accounts will be required where additional remuneration is to be added back


Other criteria updates
  • Interest only is now an acceptable repayment method for residential remortgages (up to 60% LTV)  
  • We've reduced our minimum age limit for applicants to 21 years

And finally...

These updates are in addition to our existing flexible criteria. Here are just some of our highlights:  

  • CCJs / Defaults don't need to be satisfied and we have no ££ value limit
  • Products suitable for clients with credit blips from as recently as 7 months ago
  • No credit scoring
  • Self-employed - minimum 1 years trading
  • Free legals on all remortgages
  • Loans up to £1m

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