Provider of Residential and Buy to Let mortgages for your clients whose needs are less straightforward.

We're a specialist mortgage lender with an appetite for the interesting. We work exclusively through intermediaries and provide products that are designed to suit your clients in interesting situations.

This includes those with credit blips, the recently self-employed, a complex income, young credit history, or previous financial difficulties.


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What do you get?

With strong UK mortgage knowledge backed by a global organisation, we've been supporting intermediaries in placing interesting mortgage cases for nearly four years. 

By choosing Pepper Money, you get:

  • Flexible criteria for those interesting cases; Self-employed with just 1 years trading? Client with CCJs or Defaults from as recently as 7 months ago?
  • competitive product range; We believe an interesting case doesn't have to mean a high rate
  • Direct access to Underwriters and support from a team of experienced Regional and Telephone BDMs
  • Our portal has been designed to help make your application process quicker, easier and clearer >> Register here
  • Industry insights, articles and case studies - because we know we can do more than offer you great mortgages >> learn more


We want your interesting cases


Richard Klemmer, CEO, Pepper UK:

Back in 2001, Pepper began with a clear purpose; to help those who are underserved by traditional banking sectors.

In the UK, we are working hard to fulfil that purpose by providing flexible products with exceptional service, all backed by a global business.


Colin Snowdon, Managing Director, Pepper Money:

When I joined Pepper, we started thinking hard about the kind of business we were writing, the kind of customers we were looking for.

We recognised that, as we were processing the business, we had a whole range of cases, from people in all sorts of situations, and one thing we realised was the cases have one thing in common – they’re all very interesting.

Rob Barnard, Director of Sales, Pepper Money:

We thought long and hard about what word to come up with to basically capture all that we do, before we decided on interesting:

We thought of things like 'Adverse'. No, it’s not always right, not a lot of what we do is adverse

We thought about 'Difficult'. Well, it might be difficult for you, but we can help you make it a lot simpler than that

'Non-conforming'. I think that’s a really pre-dated word that went away with the credit crunch

'Specialist?' Yes it is, but a lot of the mainstream people do specialist lending

'Unconventional'. We don’t think that suits us at all

'Niche' – well, niche probably is…too niche

So really, we think that interesting sums up exactly what we do.


Rhona Potter, Head of Marketing, Pepper Money:

What I like about interesting is it’s different and it perfectly describes in one word the types of borrower situations that we can help.


Rob Barnard, Director of Sales, Pepper Money:

People often ask us what type of business we consider, and we see them falling into five different categories:

  1. Those that have suffered financial hardship
  2. Those that have had very simple credit blips
  3. People that haven’t got a great credit history, maybe an immature history
  4. People that are in self-employment
  5. And indeed people that have maybe income coming from several sources of complex incomes

Ryan Brailsford, Business Development Manager, Pepper Money:

I think the key thing about describing it as interesting is it opens up the vast array of what we’re able to help with under that banner.

There’s a real opportunity for brokers and packagers out there to be able to do interesting cases, easily, and help them to write more business by doing so.

Rob Barnard, Director of Sales, Pepper Money:

Really, really straightforward to do business with us – registration is online and my telephone and field based team will be happy to help you.

If you’ve got an interesting case, we’re interested.

*Subject to comprehensive, accurate data being supplied.

Interesting case? We're interested.

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