About Pepper UK

Pepper UK are award-winning loan servicers and real estate asset managers in the UK, providing tailored services to investor and banking clients, currently managing over £17bn of assets. 

S&P Global Ratings has assigned us an ‘above average’ ranking as both a primary and special servicer of residential mortgages in the UK, and an 'average' ranking as a primary and special servicer of commercial mortgages in the UK.

We are a part of the Pepper Group, a diversified global consumer finance business, with a core focus and strong experience in Lending, Advisory and Asset Management across the residential and commercial property sectors.


About Pepper Group

Pepper is a market leading consumer finance business, third-party loan servicer and asset manager which has been operating successfully in Australia since 2001.

We service a wide range of assets including residential home loans, commercial loans, equipment finance and consumer finance.

In 2012 Pepper opened a European office in London to leverage the expertise and strong performance track record from Australia to acquire financial assets and loan servicing platforms in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and other select European jurisdictions.

The Pepper Group;

  • is majority owned by leading global investment firm KKR;
  • has over 600,000 customers around the world; and
  • manage over £38.2 billion in assets across our servicing and lending businesses

Our mission is to help people succeed. 

Our clients, our customers, our employees

Can do

Can do attitude

We are ambitious and entrepreneurial, so we look for opportunities. We think outside of the box when it comes to developing solutions for our customers and our teams. We leverage the power of teamwork to deliver.



We come with considerable experience and know how to handle the relationship between opportunity and risk. We understand how to create situations that can set people up for success – and that even in adversity producing a win-win is both human and profitable.



We tell it like it is. We respect people and keep it honest. If we can help we will. If we can’t we’ll say so. People want you to be straight with them and they like to understand how things are going – so we tell them. Trust is built by acting with integrity, by doing what you said you’d do. By understanding what people need.

What we do

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